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Summer Series: Make Your Open House a Hit!

Open house is your time to shine with your students' parents.  You are inviting them into your classroom, so of course you want to be the hostess with the mostess!

Planning a success and memorable open house doesn't have to be difficult.  With these fun ideas, you'll make your students and their families feel right at home and excited to be a part of your class!

Let's start with some logistics...

1.  Create an info sheet (like below) that parents can take home with them with all the important information that they may need throughout the year!
Free Teacher Information Cards! Editable - Great for Back to School Night, Open House, and Meet the Teacher Night!:

2.  While your students' parents are visiting, why not have them fill out some important information that YOU need!  For example, have parents sign up to receive text reminders. Last week I told you about a really cool app you can use to send messages and reminders via your phone.  If you missed that video tutorial I shared, you can see it here.
Open House or just in general - use clothespins to hold up a laminate sheet to make a sign or display - LOVE how easy this is!  The Brown-Bag Teacher:

3.  Have parents fill out a self-addressed envelop for you to send home a thank-you note for coming to open house.  You can include positive notes about what you have noticed about their child so far this school year.

4.  We all know how crazy life can get once the school year gets rolling, right?  Homework is not just a responsibility for students, but parents can also feel the pressure to make sure their child has completed everything for the next day.  Sometimes there are those nights that it is hard for your students to complete their homework, for whatever reason.  Give you students and their families a FREE HOMEWORK PASS to use on those crazy hectic school nights.  My friend, Mary Beth from Brain Waves Instruction has a free pass already made up for you.  You can grab it here.  Parents will love ya :)

Now for some fun open house stuff...

5.  Open house is one of the only times when parents and students will be together in your classroom at the same time.  I love the idea of having a photo booth available for your parents and students to snap a few pics.  Create a simple photo booth using butch paper, decorations, and fun props.  When families arrive, have them visit the photo booth.  You can provide a school camera or tablet so that you can have copies of all the pictures.  Families can take turns taking pics of each other.  Display these pictures throughout your classroom to make it feel home-y.

6.  See how well parents know their own kid!  Have parents and students take the same "quiz" and compare their answers.  Before your open house, have students complete a quiz about themselves answering fun questions like "What's your favorite TV show?" and "What's your favorite school subject?"  Then, parents take the same quiz without looking at their child's answer to see if they can come up with the same answers.  Rachel Lynette from Minds in Bloom has a free quiz all ready for you right here.
Perfect for back to school night! Kids and parents both love this activity. Kids create the quiz about themselves by filling in the blanks. Parents answer the questions without peeking. Fun and FREE:

7.  Have parents complete a survey about their child.  This can be really eye opening as you learn about your student through their parents' eyes.  Parents can share important things that they want you to know so that you can be sensitive to any issues that you may be unaware of.  Want a free survey?  I like this one.

8.  Have your students and parents go on a scavenger hunt around your classroom!  This is a great way for parents to get to know your classroom while your students can show it off!  Create an easy check list for families to complete to make sure they visit and see all the important parts of your classroom.
Simple ideas for your school's Open House!

What do you include at your open house?

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