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These a Few of My Favorite Things (A 12-Day Holiday Event!)

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!

But - truth be told - it's looked a lot like Christmas here at The Classroom Nook headquarters for the past month.

That's because I've been a busy little elf prepping for my biggest event of the year - and you're invited!

Each year, I like to add my own holiday cheer with something special for The Classroom Nook Community.  And this year, I'm going BIG!

Christmas Survival Guide for Teachers

I remember it all too well.  Those few weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas can be a bit overwhelming.  You're desperately trying to keep holiday-crazed kids focused and learning all while trying to maintain your sanity both inside and outside of the classroom

There's Christmas shopping to do for family and friends, holiday parties, papers to grade before the long break, and about 100 other things to check off of your to-do list.

You want to incorporate holiday fun into your classroom, but you barely have time to eat during this time of year let alone plan holiday activities for your students.

Well, breathe, friend, breathe...

As we enter this crazy time of year, I want to help you feel less stressed and more prepared for the hectic weeks ahead.

And I think I have juuuust the right resources to do the trick.  Below you'll find my top tips for making it through December alive and well.

Read on and carry on :)

Easy Ways to Increase Student Participation (...and Build a Stronger Classroom Community!)

Easy Ways to Increase Student Participation (...and Build a Stronger Classroom Community!)

Consider this statement:

"Relationships come first, everything else is second."

Would you agree?

So often teachers focus on teaching the content, but we often forget a very important core element of teaching:  relationships.  Students learn best from teachers that they have genuine relationships with.  If we fail to set that foundation, we are passing up incredible opportunities for learning and growth in our classrooms.

relationships come first, everything else comes second

Now, imagine this:

You're working on a new concept with your students and instead of having the same 3 students engaging in your classroom discussions, you have nearly the entire class interacting with one another (cue the laughter and smiles), while you watch learning expand from wall to wall in your classroom.  What a lovely sight!

Is it achievable?  Sure is!

Dare I say you can have all of your students participating in their learning AND building relationships with you and each the same time?  Well, I just did and I'm gonna show you easy ways on how you can start doing it tomorrow!!

(All of these ideas are some of my biggest take-aways from the Annual Conference for Middle Level Education that I recently attended)

I'm gonna share this information with you in two ways.  I've got a cliff notes style as well as a Facebook LIVE replay that you can check out to get the full details!  You choose!

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