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What To Do During Writing Conferences

Struggling with how to conduct your student writing conferences to help students grow as writers?  Check out this blog post (with VIDEO TUTORIAL)  with tips on what every writing conference should include! Perfect for third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade!  #teachingwriting #teaching #elementary #classroom #writingconferences #thirdgrade #fourthgrade #fifthgrade

Making time to meet with individual students during writer's workshop is crucial to help each student grow as a writer.  As a new teacher, however, I had NO idea what I was actually supposed to do during these conference meetings.

I typically would just spend my time editing the student's writing with my big-ol-fat red pen before moving on to the next student.  What were the students doing during this time?  Just watching me mark up their paper. (yikes!)

There was no conversation about why the student was interested in his/her writing topic.  There was no talk of writing goals.  The conference was completely teacher led.

Not good.

If this sounds familiar, and you feel a loss as to what you should be doing during writing conferences, then check out this video below as I walk through how to conduct a writing conference with one of your students.

Strategies to Help Students Generate New Ideas During Writer's Workshop

Strategies to help students generate new ideas during writer's workshop

I've been guilty more than once of spoon feeding my students ideas for what to write about when they claim they have nothing to write about.

Sometimes we DO need to give students a topic to write about, but we also want to give students the freedom to write about their own topics of interests and be inspired on their own for what to write about.

Today's post is going to give you some writing strategies to pass along to your own students for generating their own ideas for their writing.

Creating Self-Sufficient Readers

Help your students to take care of themselves during reader's workshop to cut down on necessary interruptions
Interruptions when I'm meeting with guided reading groups or conferencing with a student would drive me MAD!  You too?

It would break my concentration, the concentration of the students I was working with and would decrease the productivity of everyone involved!

Over the years, I got better at working to solve the problems before they occurred to cut down on these interruptions and I want to share these tips with you in today's post.

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