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How to Set Up a Student Data Binder

setting up a student data binder

Collecting student data has been an increasing requirement in many school districts.  Having well documented information about students' needs and abilities allows schools to provide students with individual services that will improve their education.

Keeping and organizing that data?  Well - that can be a nightmare!

setting up a student data binder
More times than not, student data ends up on random loose-leaf papers or scattered post-it notes piled on a desk somewhere.

Let's tackle the paperwork trail once and for all by creating a simple, yet effective student data binder that can be set up once and easily maintained all year long.

First, I want to talk about WHY you need a data binder.  Aside from it being beneficial to have records of family communication, work samples, basic information...etc.. at hands reach, it's also essential if the time comes to obtaining services for your students, if need be.

I can tell you as a new teacher who did NOT have a data binder, it was a humbling experience to show up to a CSE meeting without the proper documentation to back up why I wanted a certain service for a student.

Your data binder will allow you to pull out the exact proof you need to show parents and service providers WHY your student would benefit from a particular modification or service.

Student data binders are great for parent-teacher conference as well.

With a well-maintained student data binder, you won't be left trying to explain to a parent what their child needs help in without strong documentation to back it up.

Like-wise, you'll also be able to show parents how their child has improved over time in a certain area by showing them several work samples and student goals that you have documented since their last visit.

setting up a student data binder

Next, let's talk about data binder essentials.  I've found that data binders do NOT need to be complicated.  If fact, I've seen the most simple data binders are the most effective.  Here's what I keep in mine:

(click picture below to enlarge for detail)setting up a student data binder

Once you build the framework for your data binder, it's easy to add in all the important documentation as you collect it throughout the year.  I put together a quick video tutorial to help you set up your own student data binder:

Your data binder will be your go-to resource when meeting with parents, administrators, service providers, and even for your own records to make sure that you can meet the needs of your students!

Now that you're ready to get started, download the essential resources I've mentioned in the video for FREE.  Just complete the form below and I'll email them right over to you.

How to set up a student data binder with FREE starter kit!

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