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Teacher's Toolkit: Earth Day Resources for Your Classroom

Earth Day resources for the elementary classroom

I always love to see Earth Day pop up on my calendar.


Well - it means spring has arrived...which of course means summer is right around the corner.  We can alllll get on board with that!

And while the flowers begin to bloom and the weather gets warmer, it's the perfect time to raise awareness on earth's conservation with your students.

I know April is also a big testing month for many grades and it's often tricky to plan for any of the "extras," so I thought I'd share with your 3 resources to make your Earth Day planning easy!

Earth Day resources for the elementary classroom


Use this article to introduce Earth Day to your students
Often kids don't really know the significance behind Earth Day, so I've always found it helpful to give them some background about how Earth Day was started and how kids can be a part of it!

You can grab this easy-read article to read with your students for FREE in my Teacher's Pay Teacher store.

In the article students will learn about when and why Earth Day celebrations began in the United States.  It also introduces the concept of conservation and how kids can be a part of protecting the Earth.  It's the perfect way to launch any mini unit on Earth Day.


Incorporate the Earth Day theme with this easy-prep math center.  I love how this center sharpens students' number sense.  Students will rearrange digits in different orders based on different conditions listed on task cards.
Earth Day themed math center for number sense

Using 4 different sets of digits (4 digits per set), students work through 10 different task cards to rearrange numbers into different values.  For example, one task card says:  

"Arrange the digits to create a number less than 3,000"

Earth Day themed math center for practicing number senseStudents then arrange the 4 digits to fulfill that condition.  They will complete each task card with each set of digits.

There are even 2 challenge cards for fast finishers!


Finally - if you're looking for a ready-to-go mini unit for your writing block this month, try out this Earth Day persuasive writing piece with your students.

Students will read four different books that present concepts of earth's conservation in both fiction and nonfiction texts.  These 4 books are perfect for Earth Day read alouds:

I use these 4 books to help students understand the importance of conserving earth's resources.  Then, students use the information provided in each text to form a persuasive writing piece on why it's important to take care of the earth.

Use this Earth Day writing mini-unit to teach students why it's important to take care of the earth

The mini-unit comes with lesson plans for the teacher and graphic organizers and writing templates for the students.

Check out these Earth Day resources to use in your elementary classroom

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