Teacher Summer Challenge: Getting Your Year in Gear!

Do you feel your head begin to spin when you think about planning for a new school year?

If so, then you're not alone! There's just so much to think about when getting ready for a new school year which means it's easy to get overwhelmed and forget all the details, even when you've taught for years. To make matters worse, often all those overwhelming feelings compound and send teachers into a year-long game of playing "catch-up."

Well, guess what? NOT. THIS. YEAR. FRIEND.

Join me and my good friend, Mary Beth from Brain Waves Instruction  this summer for a FREE power planning session like no other

The "Getting Your Year in Gear" challenge is designed to help you tackle the tasks and activities that will set you up for some MAJOR success this upcoming school year. In this challenge we will be covering the following themes:

  • Solutions for classroom design - everything from DIY projects to classroom décor themes - to help you create a classroom that is going to WOW your students!

  • Solutions to solve your biggest organizing and inventory challenges – We’ll get you started on organizing tasks that will improve your classroom!

  • Solutions for planning your curriculum ahead of time so that you can relax later. We’re big fans of prepping for things like back to school activities, classroom routines, books, student birthdays, and even long-range plans during the summer to save your sanity during the school year!

  • Solutions for creating an amazing classroom community that translates into an amazing year. We’ve got ideas for connecting with parents and students to set up your classroom for success!

  • Solutions for engaging all learners, infusing technology into everyday teaching, differentiating, and other instructional strategies to use all year long!

What's included in the FREE challenge?

When you sign up for the "Getting Your Year in Gear" teacher summer challenge, you'll have access to a special website loaded with exclusive resources, inspirational ideas, instant freebies, and even a community of other go-getter teachers, just like you!  

These resources include:

5 downloadable interactive guides loaded with links, ideas, tips, and more related to each theme within the course!

Video tutorials to help you every step of the way!

Exclusive Freebies that will give you a head start with each challenge!

This challenge includes exclusive Freebies that will give you a head start with each challenge!

Printable resources including planners, checklists, shopping lists, and more!

Access to our private Facebook group where we will share pictures, stories, and words of encouragement during the weeks of the challenge (optional).

Two personal cheerleaders (Mary Beth & Rachael!) to cheer you on every step of the way!


Who is this FREE challenge right for?

The Getting Your Year in Gear challenge is designed for teachers working in grades 3-8.  The resources, tips, and strategies that we share inside the challenge are geared toward upper elementary and middle school students.  New teachers and experienced teachers alike benefit from this challenge.

When does the challenge start?

You can begin the challenge any time you’d like!

Since this is a self-paced challenge, we encourage you to get started whenever you are ready! 

We've been there. Teaching is tough enough without having to prep for a new school year. Even if you're heading into your 10th+ year of teaching, there's always that "Where do I begin?" thought that goes through your mind when you walk into that empty classroom before the school year begins.

We're here to help! This year, when it's back to school time, we want you to sit back with your feet up on the night before school starts knowing you're ready. BRING IT ON!

So what are you waiting for?  Let's "Get Your Year in Gear!"  Click the button below to get signed up!  Then, we'll send you all the details on how to get started!

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