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Workshop Wednesdays: Using Blogging in the Classroom

Facebook Live workshops to help teachers use more technology in their classrooms

Ready to up your game when it comes to motivating your student writers?

Well - I might just have your ticket to success.  You ready for it?

Student. Blogging. 

Having your students blog on a weekly basis is a GREAT way to motivate your writers (especially the reluctant ones!) and teach them 21st century writing skills.

You might be thinking - "I'm technologically challenged - there's NO WAY I'll be able to teach my students how to set up a blog, let alone how to write on one!"

Well - I'm gonna stop you right there, because for you, my teacher friend, I have a FREE workshop that I'd like you to watch.

free LIVE workshops on Facebook to help teachers use more technology in their classroomsIt's part of my Workshop Wednesday Facebook LIVE series where I'm giving teachers practical teaching strategies and step-by-step guidance for using technology in their classroom.

Each week I'm tackling a new technology tool for either teachers OR students.  I'm walking you through EXACTLY how to use it and how it could make your teacher life easier and have a bigger impact on your students' learning.

And this week, I walked teachers through how to prepare, set-up, and implement student blogging in the classroom using a FREE google tool:  blogger.


(see time stamps below to jump right to specific topics in the workshop)
  • The trend to go digital (2:46)
  • What you need to get started (5:09)
  • Where to find blogger (7:11)
  • How students will create their own blog (8:16)
  • The layout of the blogger dashboard (11:51)
  • Choosing a theme/look for the blog (13:37)
  • Customizing settings (14:56)
  • How students will create a new blog post (19:53)
  • Student tool bar options (20:48)
  • Publishing or saving a blog post (28:59)


I've also put together a FREE teacher guide to help you set up student blogging in the classroom.  In the guide you'll find ideas for how to use blogging, how to get started, tips for setting up routines and procedures around student blogging, and even a student checklist that they can use when blogging.
Download this FREE teacher guide to using student blogging in the classroom
Fill out your info below and I'll send you your FREE teacher guide:

Learn how to use student blogging in the classroom to help motivate even the most reluctant writers in your classroom.  This post includes a free video workshop and a free teacher guide download to help you get started.

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