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How to Create Your Next Novel Unit (Plus- Ideas to Use with the Book: The One and Only Ivan)

One of the most common pieces of feedback I get from teachers who use my resources is "Your units are SO organized and well thought out!"

I must admit I'm a bit of a organizational and systems freak.  I do like to have a specific process for everything, and I obsess over little details.

(I guess that might explain why my husband came home to a reorganized kitchen last night...oops.  Got carried away there.)

I'm always looking for ways to be more efficient and more productive (see this post here for a game-changing tool that I use to organize my day).

I guess that's why I'm constantly looking for ways to make my units better for teachers, and - I'm happy to report that I feel like I've FINALLY nailed down a solid system for creating a comprehensive and user-friendly unit.  (That is...until I come up ever better ways.  #neverstoplearning)

After finishing my most recent novel unit, The One and Only Ivan, I gave a backstage pass to my content creation process via Facebook LIVE.

In the broadcast I dove deep into:
  • How I decide upon and organize the skills, strategies, and standards used in the unit, AND the free web-based tool I use to keep it all organized
  • How I section out the chapters of a novel so that it makes sense to students (and the teacher!)
  • Elements and components that I include in EVERY unit to make it engaging and meaningful for students
  • PLUS:  How many times I actually READ the novel during the content creation process

You'll also see how I used my content creation process in creating The One and Only Ivan.

Have a look:

You can also check out all the details of my novel unit for The One and Only Ivan right HERE.

This novel unit is the ONLY resource you'll ever need to teach this book with all of these new bells and whistles:
  • A new teacher guide layout that has all teacher and students resources downloadable RIGHT in the guide as well as answer keys and model anchor chart samples built right into the teacher guide so that you have everything in ONE PLACE! 
  • Links to the CCSS used in each lesson
  • Student resources available in print AND google slides to be compatible for google classroom

See a sneak peek here:

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