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These a Few of My Favorite Things (A 12-Day Holiday Event!)

It's beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!

But - truth be told - it's looked a lot like Christmas here at The Classroom Nook headquarters for the past month.

That's because I've been a busy little elf prepping for my biggest event of the year - and you're invited!

Each year, I like to add my own holiday cheer with something special for The Classroom Nook Community.  And this year, I'm going BIG!

This year I've decided to bundle some of my favorite teacher resources and offer them at insanely low prices!  We're talking $3, $5, $8...even up to $14 off the value of these resources!  These bundles have been carefully curated for this event and do not normally exist in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  In fact, they will only be available for a very limited time, from December 1-12, to be exact!  Watch below to share in my excitement!


Beginning December 1st and continuing through the 12th , a new “Favorite Things” bundle will be released in my Teachers Pay Teachers store.  These bundles include everything from resources to use during the holidays, to a collection of my favorite math and literacy games, to a novel unit collection, to science resources...and more...12 days worth of goodies!

But - here's the important thing to remember: All bundles will disappear on December 15th to return to the North PoleπŸŽ„πŸŽ…! 

 After that, these curated bundles will no longer exist at their deeply discounted prices.  Once a bundle is released, it will be available until December 15.  If you missed a day, you can go back and grab it, as long as it is before the 15th!


Don't be!  I've developed an easy system to ensure you don't miss a single bundle.  Just simply click the button below and sign up to be notified of new releases and I'll personally remind you (via email) the moment a new bundle goes live! 

PLUS: I'll send you over an event calendar that outlines exactly which bundles will be released each day during the event so that you can plan ahead.  

Click here to subscribeI'm as excited as a kid on Christmas morning!  I hope you'll join me for this holiday event!

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