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Set it and Forget it: Classroom Activities & Systems To Prep For Year-Long Use

Greatest kitchen invention of all time?

The crock-pot!

There's nothing better than walking into your house after a long day of work and being welcomed by delicious smells coming from the crock-pot that you prepped that morning.  Knowing that dinner is ready and all you have to do is sit down and grab a fork is such as good feeling, right?

The crock-pot invention is even better on those hectic week nights where you ended up having to stay at school late, run a bunch of errands, or encounter any other interruption that may arise and delay you from getting home to get dinner on the table.

When I know that I have something prepped and ready to go in the crock-pot, it's one less thing on my to-do list, one less thing to think about, and one less thing to scramble to get done.

But - I'm not here to talk to you about 10 easy meals you can prep in your crock-pot - nope - I'll leave that to another blogger.

What I AM here to talk about is what you can prep for your CLASSROOM now to have ready to use all year long.  I'm not just talking back-to-school planning.  I'm talking about planning stuff you'll use alllllll year long.

Over, and over, and over.

I'm about to save you TONS of time during the school year.  No last minute, flying-by-the-seat-of-your-pants planning and scrambling!

Having some activities and systems set in place before the school year starts  will take work off your teacher plate, and let you worry about more pressing classroom decisions and tasks.  AND - prepping these things in the summer when you have a bit more time makes it even easier.  Let's take a look!


Getting Into the Mindset of Curriculum Mapping

Let's be real.  Curriculum mapping typically conjures up feelings of over-whelm and dread.  It's tedious, time consuming, and often confusing.

Now - let's be reeeeally real.  There were several years of teaching that I was flying by the seat of my pants from unit to unit, not knowing what I would be teaching next week, let alone a month down the road. Forget about mapping out the curriculum for my entire year.  It just didn't happen.  The result?  I would get to June and still have several untouched units that I was supposed to teach, but didn't get to, or I just breezed through it so fast that I might as well have not even taught it.

Sounds familiar?  If so, then this post is for you.


How To Have The BEST First Day of School

The first day of school is typically filled with all kinds of emotions.  You're excited to meet your new students, show off your fresh classroom, and dive in to a brand new year.

You're also likely feeling over-whelmed, scatter-brained (feeling like you are forgetting something...), and pressed for time to get it all done before day one.

Setting a positive tone on the first day of school is crucial to setting yourself up for success.  Allow me to walk you through your survival guide for having the best first day of school!


3 Steps to Finding Freedom from Your Cluttered Desktop

How many times do you waste minutes, hours, or even days searching for the perfect activity or lesson for students that you know you already have? You know the story…you’re about to teach a new unit and you remember a super fun lesson that you know would work perfectly. However, you just can’t seem to remember where you stored it on your computer. You search your desktop and computer files…endlessly. Then, when you finally find just what you’re looking for, you swear to get organized…as soon as you have a free moment.

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