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Using Your Summer to Plan for a Successful School Year

I get it.  It's your summer break.  You want to be sitting pool (or beach)-side with a tiny umbrella drink in your hand.

I want that for you, too.  Really.

But, I also want a stress-free start to the school year for you.

I've been there:  8pm at school- the night before school starts - scrambling to finish up my room and making last-minute copies  That's a big ol' scoop of stress with anxiety on top!

I'm a true believer that slow and steady wins the race.  I believe that you can do a little back-to-school prep at a time (with a little umbrella drink in hand, by the way!) to make large strides in planning a successful school year.

Now before you click out of this post thinking "B2S planning in the summer!?  Aint nobody got for that "  - stay with me for a second.  In this post, I'm going to give you bite-sized nuggets of tips and strategies that will help you plan for your school year AND maintain your summer-lovin' style.

Bookmark this post so you can return again and again to check out a new tip whenever you're ready.  The next time you're sitting in the sunshine with your phone, tablet, or iPad, read up on some ways you can prep now for success later!

I promise - it'll be painless!  Below you will find a library of resources that cover a variety of topics ranging from classroom set-up to launching reader's and writer's workshop.


Here's to putting your feet up on the night before school starts knowing everything is in place and you're ready to kick off another successful year!



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