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Teaching Your Students to Use Accountable Talk

You can only get so far talking TO your students, right?  When the conversation only flows in one direction, you miss out on a valuable opportunity to really dive deep into a topic.  That's why I feel it is really important to teach students how to have a meaningful and valuable conversation with you, the teacher, as well as with their peers.

I, and I'm sure many others, call this "accountable talk."

Before I go on, let's make sure we are all on the same page.  

Accountable talk to me is an intentional open-ended conversation where participants listen, add on to each other's comments, and use clarifying questions to make sure they are understanding what others are saying.

When students participate in accountable talk, they can have richer and deeper conversations that go beyond surface-level thinking.

How to Quickly Check Your Students' Understanding

As teachers we are always checking for understanding from our students.  Whether it's a unit assessment, a reading response, or a written answer, we need to keep track of students who are getting it, and those that aren't.

But - we don't always have time for or even need a formal assessment.  Sometimes we just need to be able to scan the room and take a quick check.

Here's a quick tip for doing just that:

10 Anchor Charts to Teach Inferring

I thought I'd go easy on you with a picture post.  No {major} reading required.  Short, easy, inspiring!

Today's Focus:  Anchor Charts for Teaching and Reinforcing Inferring

We know how important it is to teach our students to make inferences when they read.  It's a tricky concept, and one that needs to be taught again and again.  Students often confusing inferring with making predictions and observations, and some are just confused all together!

Sometimes, just the right wording and graphic will make it click for students.  These anchor charts might just do the trick!

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