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Summer Series: The Ultimate Back-to-School Shopping List

If you are like me, then you love a good old fashion checklist.
What's better?  A checklist that is completely checked off!
Wait.  I can top that.  How about a checklist that is made FOR you.
Yup.  Pure happiness.

Right about now those back to school ads are coming out, taunting us with their stacks of post it notes, packs of new shiny new markers (someone hold me back!), and don't get me started on the cute file folders I saw in my grocery store (of all places!). I'm not even teaching right now and was convinced I needed them!  #imasuckerforcuteschoolsupplies

But then of course, we are so distracted by the eye candy that we fail to get those essentials (where are those Lysol wipes when you need them?)

Well, today I am going to attempt to give you the ultimate back to school shopping checklist to help you make sure you are set for anything that comes your way.  

It includes everything from teacher supplies to student supplies to cleaning essentials and beyond!  Snag your free copy by filling out the information below:
Now.  If only there was a checklist for completing all the different checklists we have :)

What's on your B2S shopping list?

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