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How to Use PowerPoint to Increase Student Engagement

I say "PowerPoint" say.....

"...teacher tool..."

Did "scavenger hunt?" pop into your head?  How about "interactive timeline?"  What about "story narrative?"

No?  hmmm...let's change that!

I want to invite you to hop over to a guest post that I did on Minds in Bloom to learn how PowerPoint can increase student engagement in your classroom.  I cover 3 fun ways that using PowerPoint as a STUDENT tool can turn blah into awesome.  The guest post includes a video tutorial and a printable teaching guide to get you started!

Click the picture below and I'll see you over there!


  1. I just watched the video on using Interactive PowerPoint presentations. I really like this idea. I am getting to teach World History again this year, and this would be such a great idea. I am thinking it would go really well with having the students complete their study guides. Thanks so much for the set up guide.

    1. Hi Beth!

      So glad you liked the video! This strategy would work great (especially that timeline) in world history!

      Good luck putting it together!

  2. I learned a lot of interesting things with your post. Thank you for sharing. I've started to use the templates. And I want to advise you to see this site I think he will help you.


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