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30-Day Teacher Challenge: Jump Start Your School Year!

If you are like me...
you spend a GREAT deal of the summer thinking about the new school year.  Sure you enjoy your time off, but you can't help but to begin thinking about how you want to set up your classroom, new teaching strategies you'd like to try, and activities you'd like to do with your students.

If you are like me...
you pin like it's your (summer) job on Pinterest with the "I'm totally going to do this next year" ideas and projects (that you probably WON'T actually end up doing).

If you are like me...
you spend your afternoons at the Target dollar bin or local dollar store buying things that you have no specific use for...yet.

AND - If you're like me...
you completely panic and get overwhelmed the week before school starts wondering how the heck you're going get it all done before those munchkins walk in to your (soon-to-be) fabulous classroom.

Well.  What if I told you that even after 4 years of being out of the classroom, I still wake up in cold-sweat in August from nightmares of not being ready on that first day of school.  I'm not kidding.  Even though I have no classroom to prepare, no bulletin boards to design, and no class list, I still go through that same pre-first day fear.  Once a teacher ALWAYS a teacher!

I know I'm not the only one.  Teeeeeell me I'm not the only one!!

Since leaving the classroom to write curriculum full time back in 2011, I've created hundreds of resources for classrooms around the world ranging from classroom decor, to novel units, to holiday-themed activities.  I have received some amazing feedback from teachers on how these resources have saved them hours of their own time during the school year.  Great, right?

Of course.

But what about resources that help teachers BEFORE the school year starts?  I got nothin.'

...Until NOW!

I have some EXCITING news that I have been sitting on for MONTHS and I am soooo ready to spill the beans.

For the first time, I am hosting a 30 day teacher challenge to help you prep and prepare for the school year before a single student even steps foot inside your classroom.  This challenge comes from years of planning for a new school year and having that nagging feeling of "I know I'm missing something...but I just don't know what...and my brain it too fried to even remember."

There's so much to think about when getting ready for a new school year, that it's easy to get over-whelmed and forget all the details, even when you've taught for years.  This over-whelm just tailspins into a year-long game of playing "catch-up."

Well, guess what? NOT. THIS. YEAR. FRIEND.

I am inviting you to take the JUMPStart 30-Day Challenge with me.  For 30 days I'm going to be cheering you on and providing you with resources that I have spent MONTHS preparing, researching, and organizing into 4 main weekly themes.

In this challenge we will be tackling task and activities that will set you up for some MAJOR success this school year.  Here are the themes for each week of the challenge:

Want to know the BEST part of this challenge?  (well other than the fact that you are going to totally rock it this year after you complete the challenge)

This challenge, including all the resources that come with it are COMPLETELY FREE!  I'm dead serious.

With the JUMPStart 30 Day Challenge, You'll Receive:

  • Weekly emails with all the materials you'll need for that week's theme. These materials include an interactive guide, templates, videos, planners, checklists, shopping lists and so much more.  
  • Access to our private Facebook group where we will share pictures, stories, and words of encouragement during the weeks of the challenge.
  • Opportunities to win money to spend in my Teachers Pay Teacher store as you begin to curriculum plan (hello, week 3!) and stock up on B2S resources.
  • A personal cheerleader (ME!) to cheer you on!

I've been there, trust me.  My first year teaching, I was hired 10 days before school started.  I had no plans, no resources, zilch.  I think I must have passed out after the first day was done.  I survived, yes. But I was hangin' by a thread.

I don't want that to be YOU this year.  Even if you're heading into your 10+ year of teaching, there's always that "Where do I begin?" thought that goes through your mind when you walk into that empty classroom before the school year begins (or in my case that first year teaching - a dirty classroom filled with textbooks from the 1970's).

Instead, I want you to sit back with your feet up on the night before school starts knowing you're ready.  BRING IT ON!

So what do you say?  Are you up for the challenge?  Are you ready to say "YES" to being prepared, organized and ready to hit the ground running on day 1?

If so, join the challenge (and learn all the sign-up details) by clicking the register button below:

The 2016 JUMPStart challenge was a HUGE hit with over 1,000 teachers participating and mastering their back-to-school prepping!  Join us in the summer of 2017!

Sign up below to join my email list and you'll receive more information about this challenge as we get closer!  In the mean time, you can grab a freebie (nonfiction and fiction reading choice boards) and get weekly tips and strategies to help you rock out your school year!

Pin this challenge for others to join in!

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