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3 Fun Ways to Celebrate Learning

Ceeeeeelebrate good time... come on!

You KNOW you hear that song at a wedding and you are OUT on the dance floor instantly, right? Every. Single. Time.
We all love a good celebration.  Our students love to feel celebrated, too.  So, let's give them a little high-five in some unique ways.  Stickers are easy.  Slap one on top of a student's paper and you're good to go, right?

Weeeell, maybe.  I love a good sticker (make it a scratch-n-sniff and we're friends foreeeva).  But I want to challenge you to mix it up.  Even the standards get old (except for the wedding song standards -- those never get old :) )

(Side note - I'm a mom of a toddler, so I am currently knee deep in stickers.  My daughter LOVES them and puts them on everything, including our hardwood floor.  Thanks goo-gone.)

In the spirit of switching up, I thought I'd post for you today in the form of a video.  I'm sharing 3 quick and easy tips for celebrating learning and accomplishments in your classroom, and they don't involve a single sticker.

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